To all PSAS members,


The Select, Imperious, Know-it-all, etc., etc. T-shirt committee has
selected a final t-shirt design and color, so we can all have something to
wear for Black Rock!


OK, enough with the flowery talk already!  Frank, Maria, Andrew and Sarah (I
presume Jamey will agree) have come up with t-shirts that are Royal Blue
with white artwork, front and back.  The front art will be the PSAS logo and
the back, using the same font, will have the acronym(*) PSAS with "GROUND
CREW" below in smaller text.  Sale of these shirts will raise funds for the
PSAS club, so in anticipation of your great generosity we are charging $20
for each shirt.


We need to get a PO from SFC and order the shirts ASAP, to get them in time
for BALLS on Sep 28.


So, please e-mail me directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED] to order your shirts.
I'll need quantity, Men's or Women's or Youth and size for all the shirts
you want.


I need this info by SUNDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 26, 2007.   Sorry for the short
notice, but that's unfortunately the way bureaucracies, even our little one,
seem to work.  For those of you at last Wednesday's meeting who already
ordered, please do not e-mail me; your order is in hand.


We will be ordering some extra shirts of the most common sizes, but the
supply is limited.


Ordering Specifics:


Color:  White art on Royal Blue shirts - I'll try to get Jamie to put
pictures up on the Wiki. 


Price:  $20 ea. - Pay when you pick up your shirt(s).


E-mail your order directly to Frank Mathew at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Men's Shirts - Don't forget friends and family:


    S    ______


    M    ______


    L     ______


    XL   ______


    XXL ______


Women's Shirts - Don't forget friends and family:


    S    ______


    M   ______


    L    ______


    XL   ______


Youth Sizes - Get some for your kids:


    YS   ______


    YM   ______


    YL    ______


    YXL   ______





Frank Mathew




* OK, so technically an acronym should spell out a real word, and PSAS is
actually a set of initials, humor me.  (BTW, what's the degree of separation
between "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and "NCIS"?)



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