Please note: this is a *different* request, not related to the one I  
sent out earlier this week.

I'm up to my ears in SALP meetings, and just found out that we've got  
*another* mandatory meeting this week. My apologies to all - I must  
have missed this one in the midst of scheduling the others.

Here's the deal: PSAS *MUST* attend a Budget School meeting this week,  
or there are unpleasant consequences. If at all possible, I need one  
student member of PSAS to attend one of these meetings:

Wednesday, (TOMORROW!), Oct 17, 10-11am, Smith 228

Thursday, Oct 18, 4-5pm, Smith 228

*You don't have to do anything but take notes.* The meetings are  
relatively short, and it's just imperative that we have a presence -  
you shouldn't be required to give any detailed information about our  
current or upcoming Budget. (If so, just say you're not the usual  
person for that stuff, and refer them to me.)

Any takers? If so, please email me immediately. Otherwise, I need to  
make arrangements to skip another class this week to attend one to  
make sure we're covered.

Thanks in advance,

Maria Webster

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