We've jumped through all of this month's hoops to continue as an  
official student group on campus. Yay! Special thanks to Frank, Josh,  
and Mike, who made it to the mandatory advisor meeting on Thursday.

And once again, thanks to Sarah for all the work she's done to get  
PSAS official.

Next up: budgeting. I attended the Budget Workshop Thursday afternoon,  
and will begin the process of formalizing our 2008-2009 budget over  
the next few weeks. It's not officially due until mid to late  
November, but I'm not waiting that long.

In other news:

- I'll be taking a look at our IEEE/AESS status over the next few  
weeks as well, to make sure we're up to spec as a chapter.

- T-shirts are still available for purchase. If you ordered shirts,  
bring $20 per shirt to the Wednesday meeting, and we'll get you  
squared away. Cash and checks only, checks made out to "PSAS".

- Frank got the display cases in Smith reserved for early Winter Term,  
which is great advertising for our Intro meeting next term. Awesome!

That's all for now.


Maria Webster

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