Soon (three days?) after our 2005 flight, Eric Anholt sat down with
Andrew to answer some initial questions using the telemetry data we
captured. Their report is logged on the wiki, currently here:

Unfortunately, we've done very little with the 40MB telemetry log
since then, though Larry made a good effort in mid-2006. (For some
reason he listened to me when I said he should use my Haskell code.
Bad idea, Larry: don't listen to me.)

I picked this work up again several weeks ago, and I've just updated
Larry's wiki page with my results:

There are some new pretty graphs. And if you want to do your own
analysis, you have a choice of two text formats for the telemetry
data. Both formats are much more accessible than the packed 16-byte
binary records that we recorded from the rocket. :-)

Please, if you have any interest in studying this data, or have some
questions you want to answer or ideas for neat graphs to make, come
discuss it on the psas-software mailing list. Or just have at the data
and tell us what you come up with. :-)


p.s. I showed all this to several folks a couple of weeks ago--no,
there's nothing new since then.

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