That sounds good, if I'm finished with my paper due the next day.

Please, PLEASE do NOT show "Astronaut Farmer"!  It's awful.

Does anybody still like "2001 - A Space Odyssey"? (I know I do)

How about "Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy"?  (just kidding)


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> Subject: [PSAS] Dead Week Movie Night?
> Folks,
> What do you guys say to having a Dead Week movie night at our regular
> meeting on Nov 28th? That room has a projector, screen, and speakers,
> and we can NetFlix "October Sky" or something similar. I'll order
> pizza and drinks as well, and we can advertise it in the usual places
> to get folks in. Also, we could do a short intro (15 minutes max) for
> any folks who are new, and try to entice them to come back. :-)
> ....

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