Hey all,

One of the benefits PSAS as a PSU SALP (Student Activities and Leadership
Program) organization is use of the display cases on the ground floor of
Smith Center.  We have one reserved for the week of January 7.  The main
purpose is to advertise our introductory meeting for winter term.  

I'll be setting this up at 9:00 on Monday, Jan 7, and would like to gather
all the materials by Sunday Jan 6.  I'd prefer to get it at next week's
meeting.  We were only able to get is one of the thin displays, which are
around 3 ft square and about 1 inch thick.  This limits the display to a
poster, some photos, and maybe a t-shirt and some simplified system
diagrams.  And, of course, the announcement of the winter term meeting.

Anyone who possesses the existing poster and diagrams, please bring them on
Wednesday.  I'll mock up a scaled-down image of the new rocket on its launch

For spring term, it's even better.  We get the big, deep display case for
the week of April 14.  We can put in some real objects and parts for the new
system.  I'm building a 1/4 scale model for the display (it may even fly the
next time we go to Delta Park).  


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