On Jan 16, 2008, at 2:34 PM, Josh Triplett wrote:

> [Sending this to psas-all as a status update.]
> After I stopped working on the flight computer on Wednesday
> (2008-01-09), I did some research and I discovered the primary issues
> which previously prevented the flight computer from booting Linux 2.6.
> I worked on the flight computer for a few hours on Sunday
> (2007-01-16), and managed to achieve some good results.  The flight
> computer can now:
> * Boot Linux 2.6.
> * Use an initramfs as its root filesystem.
> * Use a busybox initramfs I created, and provide a shell on a serial
>   port.
> * Boot all of the above out of 5MB of the 32MB onboard flash (not the
>   Compact Flash), with nothing attached other than power and serial
>   console.
> * Access the onboard flash partitions via the MTD driver.
> * Access USB devices from Linux.
> * Access the Compact Flash card from Linux.

> - Josh Triplett

Three cheers for Josh!!!


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