As per our discussion of last PSAS meeting, I've undertaken
a serious reorganization of the PSAS email lists.  The plan
for this is as follows:

   psas-airframe + psas-propulsion + psas-payload
     -> psas-propulsion
   psas-avionics + psas-software + psas-uncertainty + psas-comm
     -> psas-avionics
   psas-general -> psas-misc
   psas-announce -> psas-events
   psas-all -> psas-team (still a synthetic list for
                          avionics + airframe + general)
   info (an alias), psas-psu-liaison ->
     info (the alias), psas-info (a list with the right contents)

Unless you are *absolutely shocked and appalled by some
aspect of this plan*, please consider it a done deal; it
represents a compromise hacked out with quite a bit of
discussion and, er, "feedback" by the core team.  Of course,
if you must panic, you must---please communicate your panic
to me privately in the next half-day or so before I start
pulling triggers.

My belief, with which people seem at least willing to go
along, is that these changes will make it much easier for me
(and hopefully others) to identify which list to send things
to, will tie the the group together a bit more, and will
facilitate future improvements such as doing the right thing
with "@psas" and nuking the stupid "psas-" prefix.

I will do this transformation in stages over the next couple
of days.  I'll put aliases to old names up for varying short
lengths of time so that people can get used to the new
system.  Please start using the new names as soon as you
can, though.

The downside is that this is a lot of work for me, and will
likely be very temporarily a pain for all of you.  Expect
PSAS email list stuff to be wonky for a bit.  Thank you for
your patience.

    Bart Massey

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