psas-propulsion and psas-payload have been merged into
psas-airframe.  psas-software, psas-uncertainty, and
psas-comm have been merged into psas-avionics.

I tried to do this in a way that was minimally disruptive.
The old lists are aliased for now.  The archives have been
merged.  The psas-all setup has been updated: psas-all is
now a merge list for psas-airframe, psas-avionics, and
psas-general only.

Unavoidably, there will be glitches.  For example, if you
were signed up for digest delivery of a deleted list, and
not signed up or not signed up as digest on the
corresponding merged list, you'll have to manually go turn
the digest flag back on, because I'm lazy.  I console myself
with the thought that none of these lists get much more than
one message in a normal day, so why digest?

Phase 2 will be the task of renaming a bunch of lists and
aliases.  I'll tackle that tomorrow, after we've seen the
success or failure of phase 1.  BTW, Andrew has talked me
out of renaming psas-announce, as a minor change to my plan.

If you have a problem, you probably aren't seeing this, but
please let me know if you notice anything amiss.

    Bart Massey

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