I'm spamming the PSAS list about the Student Day I've been
co-organizing.  If you're interested in Linux or open source
development, please register for the conference by August 18th.  Feel
free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sarah Sharp
Linux USB Software Engineer
Intel Corporation

Linux Plumbers Conference Student Day

Interested in a career in Linux?  The Linux Plumbers Conference Student
Day will prepare you to become an open source developer!  The Student
Day includes hands-on tutorials from local open source developers, an
introduction to the open source communities represented at the Linux
Plumbers Conference, and a career panel comprised of local open source

Linux Plumbers Conference Student Day
16 September 2008, 9:00-17:00
Portland State Business Accelerator
Portland, Oregon USA

The $50 student registration fee also includes admission to the Linux
Plumbers Conference, the Tuesday evening IBM-sponsored event at Aura
Lounge with Linux Kernel Summit attendees, and the Wednesday night
Intel-sponsored event at the Portland Art Museum.  Registration by
August 18th is recommended.

Linux Plumbers Conference
17-19 September 2008
Smith Memorial Student Union
Portland, Oregon USA


What is the Linux Plumbers Conference? And why the "Plumbers" part?

Linux Plumbers Conference is a conference for developers working on the
low level programming of Linux, including kernel, libraries, graphics,
and system applications such as udev, hal, and dbus. We came up with the
name "Plumbers" because we wanted to represent these areas as the basic
system infrastructure.  We wanted to bring plumbers from both userspace
and kernel together to solve cross-discipline problems like power
management and boot time reduction.

Do I need to be a full-time student to attend?

LPC Student Day welcomes part-time and full-time undergraduate and
graduate students.  Advanced high school students also welcome.  Just
have your student ID handy.

Do I have to know anything about Linux?

No!  A background in Linux programming is not required.  We would like
you to be enthusiastic about programming, solving problems, and
participating in an open community.

Where can I register?

Students should register at
Registration by August 18th is recommended.

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