The Portland State Aerospace Society ( is pleased
to announce that we are on target for a Sunday May 31st launch of our
rocket, Launch Vehicle No. 2.3, in Brothers, Oregon.

This will be our first flight in almost four years, and will hopefully
mark the beginning of a new series of flights throughout this summer and
fall. Possible future launches include a flight late this summer from
Brothers, as well as from the Black Rock Desert of Nevada this October.

This launch will be an "airframe only" launch, with minimal avionics.
The purpose of this launch is to prove our revised rocket airframe,
recovery system, and launch tower. We estimate that we'll reach the same
speeds (> Mach 1) and altitudes (> 15,000 ft above ground level) that we
reached in 2005.

We'll be departing Portland Saturday May 30th for Brothers (which is
about 40 miles east of Bend, Oregon) and setting up in the late
afternoon. We plan to launch on Sunday between noon and 1:00pm, which
should allow some to make a "day trip" out of the launch, although it is
more than four hours one way from Portland to Brothers.

*Please Note:* This is an "invitation only" launch, in the sense that we MUST
know that you're coming ahead of time, and anyone attending the launch
MUST sign a waiver due to the experimental nature of our rocket and motor.

For more information, please monitor our web site at

We hope to see you there!

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