Dear Rocket Friends,

This weekend Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS) is heading out to the
Central Oregon Desert to fly our "Launch Vehicle 2" or "LV2" rocket for the
7th time! This launch will be the 13th official launch for the club and has
an exciting set experiments on board.

The launch is scheduled for *10:00 am Sunday July 19th*. Follow
@pdxaerospace <> on twitter for up-to-date
launch info and live launch coverage!
About Launch 12

[image: Launch 12 Patch]

Launch 12 will be similar to last year's Launch-11
<> flight, hopefully with many
improvements to our ground infrastructure.

This year we participated in Intel's NUC Challenge
<> which allowed us to build an awesome
permanent "mission control" table with many screens and a telemetry &
control server.

On board this rocket we have two Raspberry Pi computers with HD video
cameras streaming live footage to the ground over our WiFi telemetry system.

   - Camera configuration <>

New this year is an important experimental GPS module built by PSAS. We
will be recording raw radio signals from GPS satellites while in flight in
order to better understand the effects of rocket launches on GPS technology.

   - Experimental GPS board <>

We have a student designed control experiment that will try and dampen the
spin of the rocket so camera views on the rocket stay steady for the whole

The flight is expected to take the LV2 rocket from ground to 5 kilometers
straight up in 30 seconds. We will break the speed of sound on the way up!

At the peak of the flight parachutes are deployed to slow our descent and
recover the rocket safely.

*Launch Timeline*

   - Friday Evening we pack the rocket lab into PSU's trailer
   - Saturday Morning at 9:00 am everyone meets at PSU for a last minute
   - Saturday at 10:00 am a convoy leaves PSU for Central Oregon
   - Saturday at 3:00 pm we arrive at the Oregon Rocketry launch site
   - Saturday afternoon camp is set, launch infrastructure in place
   - Saturday night at 11:00 pm, star party! Great viewing in the desert
   - Sunday Morning at daybreak, coffee
   - Sunday Morning at 7:00 more coffee and launch prep
   - Sunday Morning at 9:00 rocket heads to launch tower (more coffee)
   - *Sunday Morning at 10:00 am nominal launch time*
   - As soon as the rocket is recovered we break down camp and head back to

About PSAS

Portland State Aerospace Society is a student aerospace club at Portland
State University that is open to public participation by anyone. We have
been building and flying rockets for 17 years. Each year our program builds
more knowledge in small low-cost rockets. Our efforts are open source and
for the benefit of inquisitive rocketeers everywhere.

   - Make a charitable donations
   - Our open-source projects on Github <>
   - PSAS on Facebook <>
   - @pdxaerspace <>
   - YouTube <>
   - Flickr <>
   - Launch 12 Data <>

How To Follow The Launch

We'll be "live tweeting" our launch on twitter, follow us or simply refresh
the page Sunday morning to get up-to-the-second info on the flight,
pictures and more.

   - @pdxaerspace <>

If all goes well we'll mirror our telemetry in real time this launch! This
is an experimental system, but we hope it will work. During the launch


Ad Astra!

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