Hello PSAS Supporters!

We only have TWO DAYS LEFT and we have only $748 out of $10,000 left to
raise! Thank you for all your amazing support -- We’re ALMOST there! We’d
like to ask one more favor of you though, please take a second to make one
last post to social media or email, asking for your friends’, family’s, and
coworker’s support of Portland’s own space program. We would really
appreciate it, and it’ll help us get through this final stretch!

Things to remember:

   - Our crowdfunding campaign officially ends December 31st at midnight.
   - All donations are tax deductible since the PSU Foundation is a 501c3.
   - It’s true: even SMALL donations REALLY MATTER: everyone who donates
   counts as a PSAS supporter, which gives real leverage in the future.

Thank you again for your continued support,

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