Hi everyone!

We're on for a meeting this Wednesday at 7:00pm in FAB 150 as usual. On
the agenda:

1. Get Bart's OSS students up and running with the LPC2148 / FreeRTOS,
answer questions, come up with a list of needed device drivers, etc.

2. Begin the honest-to-betsy (who is betsy anyway?) design of recovery
node: in particular, let's do a requirements list, a detailed block
diagram, and then start handing out bits to people. It's time to start
jamming on this one!

3. Set up summer technical workshops, which should include:
   a. Using git
   b. Using ikiwiki
   c. Technical introduction to the next generation USB node.
   d. Board design and layout using EAGLE CAD.

See you then!



       Andrew Greenberg - [EMAIL PROTECTED] - 503.788.1343

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