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Dave and Rashmi, go ahead and use the avionics list for all of these
kinds of questions. That way other folks can chime in, too.

Nice going on the PWM, Dave! I love the picture, so I've attached it
here for others to see :)

Basic single channel PWM support is all we need right now. In other
words, some way to set and change the frequency and duty cycle. We may
need full on three phase motor control later, but that's *way* later.
For right now, we'll probably be using PWM to create some switching
waveforms for high voltage power supplies, or controlling some kind of
single dimensional actuator, or as a DAC. Relatively simple things.

It would be nice to be able to invert the polarity, and no, we don't
need dual edge control right now.

I vote for the API that hits 90% of the functionality. We can always go
in and make it more complicated... but at one point, the user just
really needs to go in and set the registers themselves if it's that

Let's discuss this in detail Wednesday evening!


Dave Camarillo wrote:
> Hello Joel and Andrew, so I've got the basic PWM stuff working on the
>  2148 and had some general questions regarding the PWM needs of the 
> project. More specifically, the 2148 has many, different and somewhat
>  complex ways in which the various PWM channels can be used and mixed
>  and matched.
> With respect to integrating this into free RTOS, we could create 
> API's that make available all the complex functionality (which will 
> have a non-trivial learning curve for the user), we could also do 
> more modest API's that will make available functionality that will 
> cover 90% of the use cases, and the code will be easier to write, 
> test and teach to new people. What are the needs with respect to this
>  project? Do you just need to be able to set/change the period/duty 
> cycles of the various channels? Do you need single edge control, dual
>  edge control, both? Do you need to invert polarity? If you have an 
> idea of some devices that you might want to drive maybe looking at 
> those data sheets would be of use?
> Thoughts?
> Thanks, -Dave
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