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> Wow - 5 points for Dave!! That's awesome Dave, thanks. I'll walk through
> your instructions this week.


I personally don't think I want or need Eclipse, and am intent on using a 
combination of things that are pre-packaged for Debian (like openocd) and 
source vs grabbing pre-built binary trees from semi-random places.  So I've
done something similar but different in preparation for the work I'm planning
to do here.  I'm now to the point of having arm-elf-gdb happily talking to 
one of the little Olimex LPC2148 boards through an Olimex USB JTAG dongle.
What I'm working on now is a single source tree for a trivial demo app (blinky
LED'ish) using FreeRTOS that I can build with this toolchain for the LPC2148, 
and also with SDCC for a PIC 18F2550.  Once I have that working, I intend to 
publish my notes on what I've done.  Maybe by this weekend.  

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