I think you're looking for the SCP1000.


I'm not sure where any of our pressure transducers are. According to my
inventory we should have these items:

  IDG300       IDG-300 dual axis rate gyro on breakout board
  IC-IDG300    IDG-300 dual axis rate gyro bare chip
  IC-ADXL321   +/-18gee dual axis accelerometer

  SCP1000-D01  17bit pressure sensor

  ADXL210AE-ND +-10gee dual axis accelerometer

I can't find any of the above items at my house. Possibly these parts
were listed for an order that was never sent. I am pretty sure we did
have an SCP1000 though. Andrew?

We may have some MPX pressure sensors laying around, but they are not
in my inventory (they're pre-LV2). The old IMU used the MPX5100A.


I personally have the items listed below, which could be made
available to the club:

Un-populated breakout boards from sparkfun:
  Sense-IMU-320-PCB Bare PCB
  Sense-ADXL-32x-PCB Bare PCB

ADXL203 dual axis accelerometer
ADXL322 dual axis accelerometer
ADXR150 single axis rate gyro

I also have a MicroMag3 3D magnetometer board.

 > What's the model number for the Sparkfun pressure sensor that's  
 > mentioned on the website? It's listed as "the sparkfun one" under the  
 > "Pressure Sensors We Found" section of this page:
 > psas.pdx.edu/avionics/pressure_sensors.html
 > Also, do we have any (other) pressure sensors in our possession at the  
 > moment? I'll check the site to see if we've got any listed anywhere,  
 > but I thought I might get results faster if i just asked.

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