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> > On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 12:41:26PM -0800, Barton C Massey wrote:
> > > It's been several years since we published anything.  We
> > > need to get a writeup of the last launch, and describe what
> > > we did, and get it out there.  Mark and Keithp did some nice
> > > work last night on analysis of the launch data.
> > >
> > > Anyone want to take the lead on writing a paper?  It's an
> > > important contribution to the effort, and a nice credit for
> > > the folks who contribute.
> > 
> > I'm sure you are thinking of something with more global scope to that
> > launch and rocket but I'm thinking that I may try to use the ongoing
> > scipy based analysis as a way to get a free ticket to the next OSCON.
> > 
> > If it gets far enough to be worth a talk that is.
> I'm all for that!  But you might also want to submit a
> refereed paper on the work to a technical conference also,
> with coauthors and stuff.  And yes, I was thinking of
> something larger, of which your work would be a (quite
> important) piece.

Well, I don't think the tinkering I'm doing matches any of the work and
accomplishments done by the teams before I showed up to play with the

However; there are a number of papers that could be envisioned coming out
the last rocket experience with just a little bit of brain storming.

All you have to do is ask yourselves "what did we learn" and write a
paper.  Its not going to be hard other than having to resurrect the
learnings from 2 or 3 years back.

What did you learn about CAN bus?

What did you learn about and PPC linux?

What did you use for your Linux rootFS and toolchain. (<--well mayby not
too interesting. unless you take the time to drill down on the RT issues
seen with that load.  perhaps this one isn't too worth while... But what
have you been doing on the new version?  That could be worth while.)

What did you use for the MCU tool chain and how others could do
something similar.

What did you learn about 802.11b and pringle's cans for telemetry

What did you learn about antenna design?

What did you learn about rocket motors?

What did you learn about GPS data and RT processing of it?

What did you learn about inexpensive accelerometer and rotation sensor
data gathering and what it implies about the potential controllability
of an actively guided rocket?  (<--Ok, I'd help with this one)

What did you learn about airframe construction and design?

Basically you have a lot of applied paper opportunities here of the
"lessons learned" and "how to" category.

You guys should go nuts and do a few. 


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