I was just thinking about what controls for guiding the rocket that
would be available, and thinking about the single nozzle thing with O2
pumps pushing O2 into the combustion chamber as a way to provide some
vector's of control to the system.  (my first reaction is hmm, this
doesn't sound too plausible.)

Anyway after seeing a picture of a 2 engine rocket on some magazine it
occurred to me that if we had 3 or 4 thrust controllable engines tied to
the airframe, then we'd have a good chance of having a controlled

How realistic is designing an air frame with a 3 or 4 engine backside?
How realistic is controlling the thrust out put of the rocket engines?

Defining how the vehicle thrust vector will be controlled is really a
key design choice.  Has this been made yet?

Once the group picks a design there is a host of things to do to make a
system that will fly.  Pretty much most of the nest things to do will
derive from this choice.


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