I'll add my $0.02 here... I used Flash Magic (to get started) on the  
LPC -2378 board. It uses the serial connection to the ISP at up to  
115200 bps (reasonably fast).  It's free at  
http://www.flashmagictool.com (if you are running under windows).  
Anyway, it's a simple way to get started until you get JTAG/USB going.


Quoting Dave Camarillo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hi Mark, well, I'll say that at least my experience with the 2148 support
> tools has been a meandering road of weird things to avoid.... I may be able
> to comment on a couple items below:
> 1) PSAS has a FreeRTOS port (in the git repo) for the 2148 with serial
> support, as well as support for a number of other devices (ADC, GPIO, RTC,
> PWM etc). One of the main demo applications in there has code that utilizes
> all the above hardware functionality as concurrent tasks. That may be a
> start. Also, at the top of the wiki page is links to one or two other sample
> apps that may be of interest in your debugging. We tested the freeRTOS port
> with GCC 3.4.x and 4.1.2 and both worked. In debugging the non-running-code
> problems that we encountered in the past, and using openOCD, it was helpful
> to halt the CPU and dump regs, where I would often notice that it had
> entered one of the abort handlers. After realizing that, and pulling the
> other useful debugging information of the other regs, we were able to track
> down/resolve the problem(s).
> 2) I haven't messed with the serial programming on it, so no comments on
> that one.
> 3) I assuming your using OpenOCD? If that's the case, it's very sensitive to
> the parameters in the config file, especially those relating to JTAG speed
> and which pins pull up or down which other pins (and some of the wait times
> for comm delays). Also, I've seen some code that puts the MCU into low power
> mode, which has a side affect of disabling JTAG communications. In which
> case fiddling with one of the dip switches & power cycling solves the
> problem. I have also experienced compiler bugs, with gcc generating illegal
> instructions. I upgraded tool chains and disabled optimization and that did
> the trick (still not particular pleased with buggy compilers though).
> Anyways, hope this is of some help....
> -Dave
> On Jan 28, 2008 6:31 AM, mark gross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I spent some time this weekend bringing up the tool chain documented on
>> the wiki (http://psas.pdx.edu/OlimexLPC2148Setup/) for the 2148, and I'm
>> having some troubles with getting a hello world program on the thing to
>> check it out.
>> I have 2 LPC devices the 2124, and the 2148 both boards are from spark
>> fun.  I'm having 3 issues with the hardware / tool chain.
>> 1) my old hello world program based on the lpc-newlib
>> (http://www.aeolusdevelopment.com/Articles/download.html) when loaded on
>> the 2124 no longer prints to the serial port with this new toolchain.
>> I've had this problem before when fiddling with versions of the tool
>> chain.  Last year my work around was to back rev the tool chain to use
>> newlib 1.14.0 and possibly gcc4.0.2 (I need to retest the gcc
>> dependency on this failure)  Does anyone in PSAS have a serial port
>> based hello world program working with the 2148?
>> 2) the ISP loader lpc21isp fails to talk to the 2148 but works fine
>> talking to the 2124.  I've tried all the dip and jumper switch
>> combinations I could without luck.  Has anyone gotten the ISP to work
>> with the 2148, and if so how?
>> 3) I'm using the cheap paraport wiggler JTAG and it will talk to
>> the 2124, and dump registers and what not but will not connect to the
>> 2148.  It reports the following.
>> Error:   jtag.c:1346 jtag_validate_chain(): Error validating JTAG scan
>> chain, IR mismatch, scan returned 0x3f
>> Error:   jtag.c:1442 jtag_init(): Could not validate JTAG chain, exit
>> I'm a printk type of debugger and have not had a lot of good experiences
>> with JTAG so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.  I guess I'll
>> have to order one of those USB JTAGs...
>> Thanks for any comments.
>> --mgross
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