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Atmel is offering a technical seminar series on AVR32 UC3 32-bit Flash
Microcontroller in the Portland, OR area on 03/25/2008.

Seminar objectives

The purpose of this one-day seminar is to deliver a technical
introduction to engineers who consider working with AT32UC3
microcontrollers. After attending this class, participant will be
familiar with working with AVR32 UC3 development environment and should
be comfortable engaging their application projects. The seminar will be
given by an Atmel AVR32 factory technical expert.


The seminar will start at 8:30am and finish at 4:00pm.

    - Introduction and Product Roadmaps, AVR32 UC3 devices and tools
    - Demonstration of AVR32 UC3 Toolchain, EVK1100, AVRONE
(highlighting trace feature)
      and IAR IDE compiler + debugger
Hands-On Exercises
    Learn how to use AT32UC3B. Extensive use of AVR32 Software
    - AVR32 Studio : Project creation-compiling-debugging
    - GPIO: Learning how to set up input/output.
    - Timer and Interrupts: Learning how to set up timers and interrupts
    - PWM: Learning how to use the PWM
Hands-On Exercises
    Learn using AT32UC3B as an USB device.
    - USB: Setting up a HID device
    - Make a mouse using the joystick on EVK1101
    - Add scroll-wheel using accelerometer on EVK1101
Question & Answer session

Participant should bring their own computer laptop equipped with two USB
ports. An email will be sent to registrants prior to the seminar date,
indicating web address to download the software to be installed before
joining the session.

Price & Participant Benefits

The registration fee is $100, which includes an ATEVK1101 ($79 value)
development board, JTAGICE mkII emulator ($299 value), software, and


AVR32 UC3B Information http://www.atmel.com/products/AVR32/uc3.asp

Eric Feign
FAE NW Sales
Atmel Corporation
14523 Westlake Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
PH (503) 670-9740

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