> So, after a bit of work, i've got eclipse/gdb/openocd/freertos setup to do
> eclipse based debugging. If anyone is up for being a guinea pig this
> evening, I'd like to go thru the setup procedure on someone elses laptop
> and

I'm willing

> simultaneously document the procedure on the wiki. If your interested,
> please bring your olimex board + jtag programmer + 9VDC power supply + usb
> stuff. It would also be helpful if you can pre-install Eclipse Europa (aka
> v3.3), as well as the latest version of openocd, which you may need to
> pull
> from the svn repo and compile (instructions on wiki). I tested under gcc
> 4.2.1, built and installed based on the instructions on the PSAS wiki (
> http://psas.pdx.edu/OlimexLPC2148Setup/   Alternate Setup under Debian
> Linux)

I know I said I wouldn't come tonight, but you've talked me into coming.

I have a work olimax lpc2124 board, and a DOA 2148 (the tool chain should
still work) I'll bring, and my JTAG (Paraport) and a power supply.

I'll try to install the bits on my laptop over lunch.  I don't expect
they'll be fully configured correctly but they'll be close.


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