> Has anyone done any real time investigations with USB?

Uh, no. That's why we're still a bit nervous about using USB - although
since we'll really have end-to-end control of the bus, we should be able
to be real time. Theoretically.

> This all makes me wonder about how real time will Ischronous be even?  

A very good question...

> Anyway do you guys have a real time aspect for the avionics that have
> USB in to critical path?  If so we should do some prototyping.

... which is why the current big project, announced two weeks ago, but
slacker guy here STILL hasn't posted it to the website or mailing list
(sorry!) is that we set up n LPC2148 boards to talk to the new FC and
actually *measure* the bus performance. The idea here is that we start
building a "flatsat" - the new avionics system laid out on a big board,
for ease in developing.

We'll talk more about this tonight!


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