On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 05:24:42PM -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> > Has anyone done any real time investigations with USB?
> Uh, no. That's why we're still a bit nervous about using USB - although
> since we'll really have end-to-end control of the bus, we should be able
> to be real time. Theoretically.
> > This all makes me wonder about how real time will Ischronous be even?  
> A very good question...
> > Anyway do you guys have a real time aspect for the avionics that have
> > USB in to critical path?  If so we should do some prototyping.
> ... which is why the current big project, announced two weeks ago, but
> slacker guy here STILL hasn't posted it to the website or mailing list
> (sorry!) is that we set up n LPC2148 boards to talk to the new FC and
> actually *measure* the bus performance. The idea here is that we start
> building a "flatsat" - the new avionics system laid out on a big board,
> for ease in developing.
> We'll talk more about this tonight!

Poop, we didn't talk about this :(  All I managed to do was to get my
eclipse to eat my lpcusb directory where I was prototyping my USB data
blaster for testing the RT charactoristics :(

I need this for my openAHRMS thing.  I have a host test program to
test with.  (nothing fancy)

I don't think I'll use Eclipse any more.  The OCD scripts do a fine
job at loading and GDB works stand alone too.  Eclipse is an evil
trick played on developers that don't want to use the command line.

I wasn't using it until tonight when I was trying to recall what I did
with it 8 weeks ago to help the other guy (who really didn't need any
help as he got his working while I got it to rm -r my work)

grumble grumble.


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