Hi Mark!

I look forward to talking more about this, not next week (I'll be at the 
ESC), but maybe the week after. I'd like to pull Dave and Sarah into the 
conversation then, too, so that we can strategize on getting some of the 
LPC2148 boards up and talking to the FC.

> I don't think I'll use Eclipse any more.  The OCD scripts do a fine 
> job at loading and GDB works stand alone too.

Yes, there's no huge reason to use Eclipse, except for "ease of use",
where hopefully "ease of use" does NOT include it eating your work :(

> Eclipse is an evil trick played on developers that don't want to use
> the command line.

I won't disagree to much here! I've actually had pretty good luck
with it so far, though. And for weeny EE guys like me, we like the 
shiny, fuzzy, comforting warmth of an IDE, for better or worse.


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