1. I won't be there tonight, I'm stuck in San Jose at the Embedded
Systems Conference (ESC) which is pretty interesting. Dan's down here,
too. The first of a large PSAS contingent to this conference, I'm
thinking :)

2. We had some "todos" from last week's meeting, which was in the
meeting notes:

   1. Maria, add your notes here. Also, the chipsets we found?
   2. Glenn: cross-reference the 802.11a channels [3] with the AR bands
[2]. Also xref with space bands, for fun [also 2?].
   3. Glenn: small 5.x GHz amplifiers?
   4. Josh: could you please put together a list of supported chipsets
that support the linux softmac layer and look sane? Maybe some USB keys
that look sane (from a software point of view, too?
   5. Sarah: Ask your coworker about what we can/can't control in the
802.11 world?

3. Could someone please take notes tonight, at least if anything
interesting from the avionics point of view gets done?



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