I apologize; this has been sitting in my drafts for a month!

Here are some 5.7 GHz amplifiers I have found.

*802.11a bidirectional 1W $300 OEM*
This one is bidirectional (Power amp/Receive preamp) I think would  
work best for us considering price.

A reasonable alternate is the one from Streakwave (below), however it  
is in an enclosure. Probably good for the ground side; but we would  
strip it down for the rocket side.

Going above 1 watt, the price goes up real fast.



5.8 to 7 GHz; 2.5 watt; $1000

BFP640 transistor

SZP-5026Z transistor

802.11a bidirectional amps

1W $469

4W  $5300

300 mW power amp

LNA (for Rx)

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