Frank wrote:

> Electrical requirements of camera, DVR and BOB-4
> Camera:  12 VDC @ 120 mA.
> PV-700:  If using an external supply:  5 VDC @ 650 mA.
>          If using internal Li Ion battery:  Will run for 130 minutes,
> including power for camera.
>          Can provide 12 VDC @ 120 mA max to camera.  The camera we use is
> pushing it, if we supply via the DVR.
> BOB-4:  1/2 watt @ 5 VDC.  This calculates to 100 mA.
> We might get by with a single 5V supply at 750 mA, if the DVR can support
> the camera.
> Otherwise we'd need a 12 volt supply in addition to the 5 volt supply.

Sounds like the DVR can support the camera - it's close, but still
within spec. And that we could hook up to an external shore power, so
we're powered until we actually lift off.

If we launch with the BOB-4, we'll use two primary lithium batteries in
series and a COTS 5V buck switching supply (I have a few of them, they
look like big 7805 regulators.

Did we order the PV-700? Is it it on its way? We should get all this
stuff on the table so we can figure out the power details, and then get
it and the batteries to the airframe team ASAP so they can mount it all.

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