(2008.10.02) [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
> Which A/D were you thinking about using?

I like the ADS1158 from Texas Instruments. This is the same unit
proposed for the Openahrms robot navigation project coming out of the
Portland area Robotics Society.

  Not too expensive for us (~20$ in small quantities)
  Reasonable package size (qfn-48)
  24 bit converter
  125 ksps
  16 channel mux
  Configured for external amplifier
  On board PLL for clock, will run on 32kHz watch crystal
  Includes 8 bit uncommitted GPIO
  SPI interface
  Reasonable power dissipation (50mW)
  On chip temperature sensor

  It would be nice if it ran at lower voltages (requires 5V)
  Requires external reference
  No internal amplifier

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