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> OK, so, I see a couple things that don't look right but that's probably
> because I don't know which parts you're actually using. Do you have a
> bill of materials with actual part numbers. Not just "miniUSB", but
> actual mfg (or even better Digikey) numbers?

Yup, we've got a digikey number for every part in the BOM. See attached.

refdes  device  value   footprint       digikey 
B1      BATTERY LiPo    B2B-PH  455-1704-ND     
C10     CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C11     CAPACITOR       47pF    0402    311-1158-1-ND   
C12     CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C13     CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-1249-1-ND   
C14     CAPACITOR       4.7uF   0402    587-1453-1-ND   
C15     CAPACITOR       0.22uF  0402    490-1316-1-ND   
C16     CAPACITOR       4.7uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C17     CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C18     CAPACITOR       0.001uF 0402    490-3244-1-ND   
C19     CAPACITOR       1uF     0402    490-1320-1-ND   
C1      CAPACITOR       1000uF  VR-1000uF       493-1044-ND     
C20     CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C21     CAPACITOR       220pF   0402    490-1293-1-ND   
C22     CAPACITOR       3.9pF   0402    490-1272-1-ND   
C23     CAPACITOR       8.2pF   0402    587-1946-1-ND   
C24     CAPACITOR       5.6pF   0402    490-1275-1-ND   
C25     CAPACITOR       3.9pF   0402    490-1272-1-ND   
C26     CAPACITOR       220pF   0402    490-1293-1-ND   
C27     CAPACITOR       220pF   0402    490-1293-1-ND   
C28     CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C29     CAPACITOR       220pF   0402    490-1293-1-ND   
C2      CAPACITOR       47pF    0402    399-1019-1-ND   
C30     CAPACITOR       22pF    0402    490-1283-1-ND   
C31     CAPACITOR       22pF    0402    490-1283-1-ND   
C3      CAPACITOR       47pF    0402    399-1019-1-ND   
C4      CAPACITOR       1uF     0402    490-1320-1-ND   
C5      CAPACITOR       1uF     0402    490-1320-1-ND   
C6      CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C7      CAPACITOR       4.7uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
C8      CAPACITOR       0.001uF 0402    587-1453-1-ND   
C9      CAPACITOR       0.1uF   0402    399-3027-1-ND   
D1      LED     unknown 0603    160-1437-1-ND   
D2      LED     unknown 0605    160-1452-1-ND   
J1      unknown unknown 530470210       WM1731-ND       
J2      unknown unknown 530470210       WM1731-ND       
J3      unknown unknown 530470210       WM1731-ND       
J4      unknown unknown 282834-6        A98337-ND       
J5      unknown unknown 548190572       WM17116CT-ND    
J6      unknown unknown 100mil4pin      ED7464-ND       
J7      unknown unknown 530470410       WM1733-ND       
J8      unknown SMA     sma-edge        CONSMA003.062-ND        
L1      INDUCTOR        27nH    0402    490-2628-1-ND   
L2      INDUCTOR        22nH    0402    490-2627-1-ND   
L3      INDUCTOR        27nH    0402    490-2628-1-ND   
L4      INDUCTOR        27nH    0402    490-2628-1-ND   
Q1      FD335N  unknown SuperSOT3       FDN335NCT-ND    
Q2      FD335N  unknown SuperSOT3       FDN335NCT-ND    
R10     RESISTOR        5k      0402    311-5.10KLRCT-ND        
R11     RESISTOR        10K     0402    RMCF1/16S10K1%RCT-ND    
R12     RESISTOR        270     0402    541-270LCT-ND   
R13     RESISTOR        270     0402    541-270LCT-ND   
R14     RESISTOR        5k      0402    311-5.10KLRCT-ND        
R15     RESISTOR        5k      0402    311-5.10KLRCT-ND        
R16     RESISTOR        56K     0402    RHM56.0KLCT-ND  
R17     RESISTOR        2.7k    0402    RHM2.70KLCT-ND  
R18     RESISTOR        10k     0402    RMCF1/16S10K1%RCT-ND    
R1      RESISTOR        150     1206    RMCF1/81505%RCT-ND      
R2      RESISTOR        10k     0402    RMCF1/16S10K1%RCT-ND    
R3      RESISTOR        10k     0402    RMCF1/16S10K1%RCT-ND    
R4      RESISTOR        10K     0402    RMCF1/16S10K1%RCT-ND    
R5      RESISTOR        5k      0402    311-5.10KLRCT-ND        
R6      RESISTOR        1.5K    0402    RMCF1/16S1.5K1%RCT-ND   
R7      RESISTOR        33      0402    RHM33.0LCT-ND   
R8      RESISTOR        33      0402    RHM33.0LCT-ND   
R9      RESISTOR        270     0402    541-270LCT-ND   
U1      LP2980-3.3      unknown SOT23-5 LP2980AIM5-3.3CT-ND     
U2      MAX1555 unknown SOT23-5 MAX1555EZK+T-ND 
U3      MMA2202EG       unknown MOT475-01       MMA2202EG-ND    
U4      LTC1682-5       unknown SO8     LTC1682CS8-5#PBF-ND     
U5      25LC1024        unknown SOIJ8   25LC1024-I/SM-ND        
U6      MP3H6115A       unknown MOT1317 MP3H6115A6U-ND  
U7      MCP9700 unknown TO92    MCP9700A-E/TO-ND        
U8      BEEPER  unknown TDK_PS12        445-2525-1-ND   
U9      CC1111  unknown QFN36   296-22684-1-ND  
X1      CRYSTAL 48mhz   ABM8    535-9149-1-ND   

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