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ARGH!  Yes.  Thank you for spotting that.

No problem...

About 2.2 nC at our operating point.
I don't think it's necessary.  But after talking to Keith, we'll add
the footprints.  We've got the space and I've got to rework that part
of the board to fix the D/S swap anyway.

Yeah, that's a really low gate charge. I couldn't find the current limit for the CC1111 GPIO pins, but you're probably right in that a resistor may not be needed.

I hate to take the voltage drop hit on a 3.7 volt nominal battery system...

Agreed. In this type of application I would opt for a P-FET such as the FDS6375, which keeps the voltage drop to the low millivolts or less. In this case, you *would* want to swap the D and S connections to that the body diode conducts only when the battery is right, and even then only until the P-FET powers up. However if you can get it done with just the connector, great! In my applications (off highway industrial equipment), reverse battery connection is common, so I'm always thinking about it.

Thanks for the feedback!

You're welcome! Let us know how it works out...

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