CandU (CAN and USB)?

> AWWWIOR Bus...
> My concern is with the use of a serial bus topology that normally has  
> RTS, CTS, DSR, and CD pins; but we aren't going to use them? Will that  
> require special driver hacking to make the endpoints *not* require the  
> use of the other signals? How does the endpoint know when a signal is  
> coming in? Collisions? Error checking?
> Seriously, I can't imagine it would take Dave and I more than a day to  
> get CAN working on the TQM5200 once the toolchain is set up. Since  
> no-one has actually completed any of the other node designs, using the  
> LPC2368/78 has no affect on the rest of the work.
> If we need anything beyond USB on this rocket, let's use a bus designed 
> and industry proven for robust control.
> AWWWIOR - Almost What We Want In Our Rocket-Bus
> Cheers.

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