Hi Kay,

Do these directions look right for the cabling/jumper setup for the
LPC2148 board and Olimex OCD JTAG programmer?  I couldn't remember if
there needs to be an other USB cable from the LPC2148 to the host PC
or not when I'm trying to program the board.

1. Make sure to set the Olimex JTAG programmer to 9V by jumpering on
the right-most pins (the two farthest away from the JTAG cable).
2. Plug a USB cable from the JTAG programmer to your computer.
3. Power the LPC2148 dev board by plugging it into the JTAG programmer
with the white cable.
4. Make sure the LPC2148 debug jumper is jumpered (the DBG_E pins are
next to the JTAG port)
5. Set both dip-switches on the LPC2148 board to the 'off' position.

Did I miss anything?  I'm putting these directions into the
documentation for the project, since they seem to be scattered between
the Keil documentation, the Olimex schematic, and the PSAS wiki.

Sarah Sharp

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