Hi Frank,

It's not quite offed, but yes, with two notes:

1. There's a current schematic of the EAGLE file in subversion (search
the PSAS wiki for subversion, and you'll get a page that tells you how
to pull that). There's no layout for this.

2. The 2009 Capstone team is actively working on the APS and pyro nodes.
In the process, they'll be redefining the generic node from the 2006
capstone. We plan to have schematics by March, a layout by May, and
actual boards by June.


Frank Mathew wrote:
> Has is an Eagle CAD file for the generic node in the offing?
> Frank
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> Mostly for the Capstone team, but feel free take a look:
>   http://psas.pdx.edu/capstone2009/requirements/
> Andrew

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