Ummm, the 2148 stuff is in the psas repo, but my more recent changes
have been on the main LPCUSB code tree. The main LPCUSB code tree is
also cleaner and more concise with respect to the ISOC sample code.
There are a bunch of sample programs in the psas tree that we used
while testing various aspects of the code base and functionality, so
it may be a little crufty when working with it...  My hope with the
USB stuff was to have the LPCUSB be the master source for the code,
and simply integrate that stock LPCUSB library with freeRTOS. Our PSAS
tree is pretty helpful for development though.


On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 1:14 AM, Sarah A Sharp <> wrote:
> Hi Dave and Kay,
> Is the LPC2148 isoc code in your PSAS lpc-kit git tree, or do I have
> to download it from the LPCUSB SVN repo?
> Sarah

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