I read the Vanguard article about Erik Sanchez -- He sounds like a good guy
to know.

I'm not surprised that the vacuum chamber's big and heavy -- 14 psi adds up
pretty fast, pushing on the outside.  I've seen chambers like that for
e-beam pattern generators.


> On Friday Ai Ling, Tim, Glenn and I headed over to Erik Sanchez's
> physics lab in SB2 to take a look at his vacuum chambers. Glenn set up
> the meeting, since he worked with Erik a few years ago when he built an
> electron microscope out of spare parts (sheesh, some people have all the
> fun).
> Now I hate to coin a new phrase, but vacuum chamber envy is just about
> right. Erik has a giant vacuum chamber that actually needs a hydraulic
> lift to open the top of the chamber. Yes, it's that big. As Glenn noted,
> it's "microsatellite" big, so Erik will be hearing a lot from us, I think.

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