Hyunjin, Sewoung and I have been trying to find an commercial,
off-the-shelf GPS receiver that we can use for the next few flights so
that we can focus on building and flying rockets, and not necessarily
spend cycles on the GPL-GPS [1]. We look forward to that day, of course,
but we just don't have the resources to do that right now.

So, looks like we found it!

It's the Crescent GPS receiver made by Hemisphere GPS [2]. It does just
about everything we want:

- 1 - 20 Hz location output
- SBAS (WAAS) support
- High dynamics mode (made for crop dusting airplanes!)

Plus it has other nifty features:

- It has a relative differential mode: you tell it where it is, and then
it can use the generated corrections to correct for some period of time.
- It can go into differential basestation mode, and actually generate
differential messages which can then be sent to another receiver.
- It's the exact same size as our old Jupiter receiver :)

More information can be found here [3].

So, I'll go see if we can scare some up!


[1] http://gps.psas.pdx.edu/

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