So, I'm trying to compile, and I'm getting stuck with this:

main.c:200: error: expected expression before ‘signed’


190        //there should be a few handler states...
191        switch(UARTstate)
192        {
193            case PIPE_UARTHandlerState :    //this case is to handle PIPE
UART communication
194            break;
195            case STANDARD_UARTHandlerState :    //this case is to handle
standard UART communication
197                //we don't want to "enable" output, but to "send
198                //if( enableOutput ) {  }
200                signed portCHAR theChar;    //reelin' in Chars one at a
201                portCHAR incomingCommand[128];    //need to have a string
here to collect all them Chars...  Should this be "signed"?
202                int incomingCommandLength = 0;    //this is the length of
the collected command.  //sizeof() probably gets me this, and this would
then be redundant...


portCHAR works *all over the place*, and replacing that with char makes no
difference (iirc portCHAR == char via a #define in an obscure .h)  I'm
getting the impression that it's just pissy about the case structure, but
that seems correct to me...
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