Since i didn't notice your message until now we'll have to go over this
at the Friday meeting, but in case you want to try it, assuming you have
access to the avionics-cad git repository somewhere:

In Eagle library editor:
   "script libraries/psas_eagle_library.scr"

Should start the process. (You may have to adjust the path.)

> Hi again all,
> It seems to be becoming more and more apparent that I know nothing about
> this git (and linux in general) thing... I seem to have lost the ability to
> use the psas eagle library and don't really know how to get it back.  I know
> at the last capstone meeting I was having some problems getting connected
> properly (again, not all that sure why) but I seem to be connected now.  How
> do I actually access the library in eagle?  Thanks for any help!  On that
> note when it comes to the diff thing, I'm sure I'll have tons more dumb
> questions, so please bear with me!  =)

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