I am currently working on the EAGLE node 5 front end schematic and have a few 
questions. So far I have removed the portions of the SPS that I do not want to 
use.  I have inserted some of the new SPS design, and I have inserted the new 
LPC2368 controller. I have not yet wired anything to the LPC2368, only moved 
the existing design around enough to fit it into the schematic. The file as it 
stands has been pushed to avionics-cad/lv2-node5/node5-frontend-rev1.sch so you 
can see where I'm at as of now, though I'll still be changing it throughout the 
night.  As for the questions:

Is there a way to copy and paste from one .sch file to another in EAGLE?  It 
seems that I may be able to do this by moving one schematic off to the side and 
using the diff of the exported script, but that proved somewhat difficult and 
resulted in many errors.

Can I surround the new IC with a bus and make every pin go directly to the 
bus?  I see in the existing .sch that several pins skip the bus and then run 
around the page, this seems pointless, but I may be missing something 
fundamental here.

Can I make the schematic bigger, or is it already a standard size? If it's 
already a standard size, should I add new sheets if I run out of room?  In this 
case it almost seems like there should be a separate sheet to house the power 
diagrams leaving the bus to carry the control signals between sheets and using 
port symbols for power connections on the Micro-controller sheet.. (I have not 
been able to get EAGLE to let me make a new sheet yet.)


Ken Z (Capstone2009)


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