Hi Ken,

Yeah, what he said! (He being Dan). Here are my two cents:

> Can I surround the new IC with a bus and make every pin go directly 
> to the bus?  I see in the existing .sch that several pins skip the 
> bus and then run around the page, this seems pointless, but I may be 
> missing something fundamental here.

Yes and no. The idea of a bus is to group common signals. Where it makes
sense to have groups of signals, you should use a bus. Where it doesn't
make sense, you shouldn't.

For example, the crystal oscillator has two pins and a crystal and some
caps. It doesn't need a bus.

Or the rest line.

An edge case is the UART - it's only two lines. I usually don't bother
with a bus for this, but you could if you wanted to.

> Can I make the schematic bigger, or is it already a standard size?

I think you can make it bigger - you need to change the frame to a
different one. Anyone know how to do this? I've never tried.

> (I have not been able to get EAGLE to let me make a new sheet yet.)

Yeah, it's time to deal with that problem. Perhaps we'll move to the
nonprofit version of EAGLE on Friday - we'll make that a discussion
point. We want to do 4 layers anyway...


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