It's worth reading the background material on the psas website.


See RT100.

Also possibly


The basic idea is that charging should not occur when the battery is
outside the safe charging temperature range.

The battery temperature is of interest in at least two places. The
LTC4007 and the ARM microcontroller. The old APS circuit and the
components write up mentioned above might be of use here. See R2010 &

I think the values you're seeing are "B" as in baker values,
representing the "beta" of the thermistor. See the Thermistors write up
above for more background.

> working on schematic for charger system, and per the ltc4007 data sheet, 
> it uses a  thermistor. most values parts are a single resistance that i 
> found on digikey, though they will list a value of R0/R25 , R25/R50, is 
> this what i am looking for?

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