I think I have the new charger IC for the HAP narrowed down to two linear ICs, 
datasheets can be found here:

Any thoughts regarding a preference? I like these better than the other choices 
I've looked at because they: 
1) have functional NTC inputs.
2) have built in ideal diodes and/or controllers for power path swtiching (no 
need for external ideal diode controllers).
3) have good sized thermal pads (which is important because they are linear 
battery chargers not switchers).
4) have nice complete datasheets.

So far I prefer the 4.1V float of the LTC4085-1 since it will provide for 
longer shelf life on the battery. On the other hand I like the built in OVP of 
the LTC4067, though it comes shy of the 30volts I would like in that part of 
the circuit.

I'll build the package for both now, then choose which to put into the circuit 
tonight, probably doing the circuit design on Monday..


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