Ai Ling,

I believe you can get by for now with no batteries. If I understand the circuit 
correctly, the board you are making will only be a very small part of the 
battery pack, with the batteries themselves being the bulk of the pack. Instead 
of the actual batteries, your board should probably only include connection 
points for the wires that will come from the battery, and the connections from 
the APS board.  The actual batteries should be bundled together with your 
monitoring board in a package, but connected via wires of some sort.  I suspect 
the wire size will depend on the current rating needed.  For that matter, are 
the thermistors actually on the board as well, or are they to be packed between 
the battery cells?


From: AiLing Chen <>
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:46:46 PM
Subject: [psas-avionics] Question about creating the layout board for battery 

Hi all,

I am working on the layout board for the battery sensor. I am using the light 
edition, so the board area is limited to 4x3.2inch. But I have 8 battery cells 
in my circuit, I could not fit everything inside the board area. The battery 
that I am using is the battery from psas_eagle_library. What should I do? 
Should I change the battery in the schematic? I don't know what battery I 
should use in the library instead.

Thanks a lot,
Ai Ling


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