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> I'm working on the the APS board and I was just wondering what the min.
> trace width should be.  One of the ICs I'm using is a 3mm x 3mm MSOP-10
> (TPS2490 hotswap controller) and the lands are narrow and close together
> meaning if I use the default 0.016'' trace width, I get a keepout error.
> Are 0.01'' traces wide enough?  Thanks!


Firstly, we are using sunstone quickturn



So the literal answer "wide enough" is 6 mil.

However, generally wider = better. For smd components usually the trace
should be no wider than the width of the surface mount land.

Most msop packages have 0.4 mm wide lands. (All the cool kids avoid
inches if the packages aren't in inches.)

If your msop has 0.4 mm lands, then a 16 mil trace (0.4 mm .= 15.75 mil)
should work. Of course some msop's are ultra short, etc.

Ah, i checked and your part (tps2490) is a 0.5 mm pitch package, so your
lands are probably narrower.

Generally, 0.4 mm is good. power paths should be wide, see the old APS
or do a voltage-drop calculation. If you need to drop down to 0.2 mm in
places, that's fine. I don't think you'll need to go finer than that.

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