I expect to get the VHF emergency uplink subsystem built by Monday, and I need a few things.

o  Input and output connections
(1) Connector type for audio from VHF transceiver.
(2) Connector type for power.
(3) Connector type for pyro switches.
** Alternately for all of the above I could put a 0.1 inch pin connector on the board edge. Probably the cleanest solution.

o  Pyro switch device, both part number and samples for construction.

o  Microcontroller, part number and sample for construction.
(1) Programming can come at the last minute?
(2) I will provide 0.1 inch pins for programming.

o Two attachment points on metallic payload structure separated a foot or more longitudinally for longwire antenna. (1) Something like a hole for a 6-32 screw. I will use a 6-32 screw lug to the antenna lead, and a SS 6-32 countersunk machine screw.

o A quick peer review for sanity check.


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