On Mon, 2009-06-01 at 17:06 -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote:

> That was the motor chuffing, we think. Keith, can you give us the column
> names and units for your gnumeric file? I'd like to post it as cvs.

he colums in the spreadsheet are:

A: time (seconds)
B: height above ground (m from baro sensor)
C: height above ground (m from accel sensor)
D: speed (m/s from baro)
E: speed (m/s from accel)
F: accel (m/s² from baro)
G: accel (m/s² from accel)
H: height above ground (m, unfiltered, from baro sensor)
I: accel (m/s² unfiltered from accel)

The 'filter' here is all post-flight. The baro data uses a 128-poll
Kaiser-window low pass filter to eliminate noise due to vibration, the
accel data uses an 8-poll Kaiser-window low pass filter to try and
average out noise from the ADC process.

I've got raw numbers from all of the sensors as well, if there's
interest in seeing those.


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