fpmat...@comcast.net (Frank Mathew) writes:

> We should also look for an HD camera that provides to correctly compressed
> digital output.  Plus, we may be able to multiplex a few cameras more easily
> than in the analog domain.

Right.  All you really want is the video acquisition and compression
hardware, beyond that it's just a bit stream that becomes part of a
digital downlink.

> Do you have any links to the latest R&D in amateur DTV?

I'm not sure that's really the vector you want to follow.  I fear that
anyone trying to do terrestrial digital TV is going to be spending way
too much time worrying about transmission and reception equipment, and
what I think you really want here is just a way to acquire the desired
bits and then to think of it as just another part of your digital
downlink content.  So looking at cameras and/or the raw sensor
assemblies used for digital cameras and camcorders might be the best


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