Is anyone lurking who's interested in working on sensor models or
physics models? We've been needing your help for a while now. :-)

Please reply to me privately if you just want to express interest; but
if you have questions or suggestions please reply on-list. And if you
don't like these projects there are probably more I'm forgetting.

Sensor modelling: I want to see a good model of GPS. The Global
Positioning System is an incredible piece of engineering work. If you're
like me you'll learn a lot and have fun doing it. We have quite a bit of
GPS expertise in this group, but it's currently locked up in people who
need to be working on other things. I want a model that simulates
carrier phase, carrier velocity, and time of week for each of several
satellites. That'll involve some basic orbital mechanics and some
understanding of how GPS works.

Physics modelling: I don't care what piece of rocket physics you want to
model as long as it involves torque. Our current simulator never causes
the rocket to rotate at all. Two possibilities are to model crooked fins
(which leads to spin) or to model wind (which applies more force at the
fins than at the nose, causing the rocket to lean into the wind). If
several people are interested you can work together or model different
kinds of forces. And you can start with a very simple model and make
incremental improvements.

If you have an interest in more advanced physics, please jump in here.
Better atmospheric drag models, for example, would be awesome.

We also have a to-do item to implement a decent numerical differential
equation solver, such as Runge-Kutta. That was a homework assignment in
an undergraduate geology class I took, so it isn't that hard ;-) but we
haven't had time.

Ideally you'd implement these models in C as part of our simulator, but
if you'd rather prototype in another language, such as Matlab, that
would still be a good start. Just remember that we can't fly anything
using, for example, Matlab toolboxes, so you need to be prepared to help
reimplement any toolbox or library you use.

I'm hoping that we don't have an opening for someone to model
magnetometers, because Theo already made a lot of progress on that.
Anyone know if Theo will be back once the summer is over?


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