Hi firmware people,

Jeremy and crew continue to get our student funding in place; that still
looks like it might be a week or two away, which means it's at least 3
weeks to LPC2378 development board.

However, while digging around in my lab (thanks to Jules), I happened
upon an old dead LPC2378. A few soldering fixes later and it seems to
work - it draws the right amount of current, it blinks its lights, and I
can get the bootloader on the chip to say "Synchronized".

The only problem with this board is that it has the Rev A silicon. Dave,
how bad is it that it has Rev A silicon? For playing around with
firmware, do we care? If we don't, great, the new firmware people can
just use it. If we do care, then I can have the chip swapped out later
this week by some "pros".

Let me know,


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
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